How to Choose Cake Toppers for Weddings

Choosing cake toppers for weddings is a crucial part of the preparation for the cake. It is a personal decision that requires a lot of thought both by the couple and their cake decorator. There too many factors to consider which includes the personality of the couple, their favorite things, the wedding theme, among others. It is not surprising that the couple oftentimes find their head aching by just a seemingly simple decision of what cake topper to have on the big day.

It won’t help either that there are in fact thousands of wedding cake toppers to choose from and you only need one for your wedding cake. To help you out with this dilemma, here are the popular choices of cake toppers for weddings that usually land on wedding features on magazines and televisions. You can conveniently choose from this list and know a little about each type of wedding topper.

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Cute Wedding Cake Toppers

For the couple who loves cute stuff, cake toppers that are sweet and incredibly adorable include little figurines of couples. The figurines can be customized to make them look just like the couple. There are couples who want the toppers to feature a favorite hobby like hiking. Some also wants the figurines to be little children dressed as bride and groom. These cute toppers make both the couple and the guests to gush over the cake the soonest they take a glance on it.

Vintage Cake Toppers

For a vintage themed wedding, vintage wedding cake toppers are fit to sit on top of the cake. Anything that has a vintage element on it can be used for this theme. It does not necessarily mean that the topper should be old for it to be called vintage. You can even find most of these toppers online and they are all brand new. So what makes a cake topper vintage? It usually goes down on the colors or the designs used on the topper for it to be considered vintage. Some elements on the design like the swirls on the flowers, other stuff like bicycles, and other classic ornaments make them look vintage. Vintage toppers usually bring a classic air on the reception that is somewhat nostalgic which can also pass as very romantic.

Rhinestone Cake Toppers

Rhinestone-Cake-ToppersIf you want to have a lot of glitz and glamour on your cake, going with a rhinestone topper is a great choice. Rhinestone wedding cake toppers are elegant without being overly flashy. They are delicate looking than those bigger crystals and they are quite more sophisticated to look at if they are arranged nicely. Rhinestones can be placed as accents to other kinds of toppers like monograms. It will help bring out the beauty of monogram toppers and make it stand out.

Fondant Cake Toppers

For couples who would love to have highly customized cake toppers, going for fondant is the best. Fondant works like clay and can be sculpted into anything. It is possible to have any kind of object or building, or even miniature images of the couple on top of their wedding cake. Cake toppers for weddings are meant to be memorable and nothing makes it more memorable that making it unique and one of a kind. Fondant can let you have a distinctive wedding topper that bears your choice of design. You can even ask the decorator to make it according to your specifications in color, size, and shape.

Elegant Wedding Cake Toppers

When you want elegant wedding cake toppers, you may want to consider having monogram cake toppers. Your initials as husband and wife on top of the cake are a very romantic way to announce to the world that you are indeed married. The monogram is quite a classic and at the same time elegant way to show off your initials. There are plenty of fancy fonts to choose from that will really bring out the best of the cake design. You can choose to have the monograms in different colors or stick with the classic silver- brushed metal that can be coated or accented with gold or any acrylic hue. If you want to follow the font used on the invitation, you can ask the cake decorator to make the monogram have the font for your cake. It is basically a great way to stay in line with your wedding theme.

Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers

For couples who want to inject some humor on their wedding day, cake toppers for weddings that are fun- filled are plenty. There are bride and groom toppers that are shown in different characters. They can be made in hilarious caricatures. Some even make fun of their favorite hobbies. Novelty cake toppers are quite popular because they never fail to make people laugh and have a great time commenting on them. The couple’s sense of humor is greatly appreciated by their friends and families. The best way to show how great their humor is is by having a funny cake topper for their wedding cake.


Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

For those who want to stick with the tradition, cake toppers for weddings that are classic will be perfect for any cake. Figurines that represent the couple are usual among this type of wedding cake topper. Traditional toppers make the cake look exquisite. They are crafted so that they can bring out the romantic vibe in the wedding. When it comes to choosing for traditional cake toppers for weddings, a variety of styles is presented in which you can choose according to different parameters like colors, sizes, and shapes. For a more personal appeal, choose according to your personality, interests, or hobbies. You can also incorporate your choice according to the theme of the wedding so that it can go well with your decorations. Traditional toppers may seem simple but well- chosen ones will help enhance the whole look of the cake.

How Do You Choose From Among the Different Cake Toppers for Weddings?

Highlighting the cake on your wedding day is as simple as choosing the appropriate cake topper. Although it may seem to be difficult at first, choosing cake toppers for weddings can be easy if you know how to choose from among the hundreds of choices.

You might want to take a few moments with your partner in order to thoroughly go over every detail in your wedding. Talk about your theme, and identify which elements you need to work on so that everything complements with each other and go harmoniously well. Weddings are very special and although there are no perfect weddings, you can have an almost perfect one if you will work hard in achieving it. Discussing this matter with your partner will help narrow down your ideas for your wedding cake topper. You can both give inputs for the design and together create or decide on a cake topper that you will have.

Consider also sticking with your budget for the cake. Toppers can sometimes be too expensive and impractical so if you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider choosing simple ones that are affordable yet still looks elegant and fits right to your wedding theme.

If you have the time to do so, research for cake designers that can work with you for your cake. Make an appointment with your choices and check their portfolios for previous cake toppers for weddings that they did. You might find inspiration for your own wedding cake topper from their past clients and you can discuss them right away with the cake designer.

You can also ask help from your friends who just had their weddings. They can give you recommendations on bakers, cake designers, or a store where you can buy your cake topper. Having your friends take part on this matter will make the topper more meaningful.


Expressing your personalities through cake toppers for weddings is encouraged. The cake is one of the highlights in the celebration and making it stand out is a priority. Aside from its design, the choice of cake topper will create a big impact so make sure that you choose well and have that perfect topper on your wedding cake.

It will really require a lot of hard work to complete everything that is needed to do for a wedding. Even choosing cake toppers for weddings will take a lot of time and requires deep thinking. This may be a simple matter to some but for the couple who wants a lovely wedding, every detail counts and that includes the wedding cake topper.

Making this personal decision for your wedding cake takes a lot of work but this experience will be part of the wonderful memories that you make during the wedding preparations. It is one part of the preparation that both you and your partner can consider as a moment to bond and know more about each other before saying your “I Do”s.

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